Progress of a new idea

Progress of a new idea


So the rain is falling and i’ve got a bit of a garden break so I was messing around testing out a new idea. 

Pre-pandemic, the farm was a busy place where the guest room was often booked weeks in advance and arranging enough time between visitors to change the sheets was an accomplishment. 

We tend to work our visitors pretty hard while they’re here so we have to make up for that with excellent food.  I’d love to share our most popular dish with everyone but since it’s brisket and the recipe is time, patience, salt and pepper and that doesn’t fit in a jar very well at all so we are going with option 2, chicken wings!  Our wing rub is primarily the product of our co-conspirator, Jenn and is a staple in both W households.  

Today I started the process to turn our family recipe into something I can make in bulk and package to share with all of you.  To start I took all the ingredients and measured them out 5 times, weighing each time to verify that when I’m doing a large batch by weight that it will be accurate.

Now I’m leaving it out to test the impact time will have on the freshness, researching containers, working on documenting instructions for use and writing a summary of the product and taking some pictures and writing this post to share with all of you.

As the province reopens I’ll be better able to find containers and labels and someday soon this will appear in the store.




Speaking of adds to the store, I’ve got honey in stock now!

On the planting update, sweet peppers are all done, cucumbers, and squash are planted and super hot peppers are going in today and then it will just be the last onions and a few direct seeded crops and of course ongoing weeding and watering and succession planting.  Will still be nice to finish emptying the greenhouse of all the started vegetables.  Flower gardens are completely another story!

With the soil delivery complete for the pool garden, we are going to spend some time spreading this weekend and hopefully get sunflowers in early next week.

Thanks all for today, have a great weekend!

Monica W