or Coincidence?

Where it began

One fine evening, likely after a long days work doing some project to connect our adjoining houses Chris was musing over a drink by the fire that both Wishnousky and Williamson have 10 letters.  Jenn added that Conspiracy did as well.  Just like all great conspiracies, coincidence led us to the light and we decided that W Conspiracy would be our own personal plan.  It started as a chat group to coordinate our lives.

Several years later a few more coincidences made it possible for Brian and I to leave the city and begin our farm adventure.  The other W Conspiracy participants are still involved and provide as much free labour as time and we will allow.

Fast forward to today

Our primary mission is conspiring to improve our food and share it with you.  We provide our animals with freedom and a wide variety of food that we grow ourselves or source locally.

Everyone has a job on the farm, the chickens help control the insect population, the geese provide defense (or at least a very loud warning) against attacks and all the animals contribute to the compost that helps us grow the best vegetables we can.

Our market products have increased rapidly from the 2-3 jam flavours we offered at the first market and I’m continually trying to balance “Oh, fun and tasty” with space and time available.

The Conspirators

Monica is the prime farm conspirator and works on the animal care, gardening, product creation and roping in co-conspirators for what she calls projects and what they call work.  Brian still works full time off the farm and gives up many of his evenings, weekends and vacation days to bring those projects to life.

Since Brian hates having his photo taken, this is the closest you’re going to get to seeing him, unless you visit us at a local farmer’s market. 
American Gothic, 1930 by Grant Wood.

The Accomplices

Banner and Heidi

Banner and Heidi were the first new animals added after the move and continue to be the spoiled pets they think they deserve to be.  They love the attention and all the treats they can con you out of.

The Geese

I cannot tell a lie or tell the geese apart so they are generically the geese.  They keep a watchful eye on the farm and yell an alarm when trouble is near, protecting our chickens from predators.

Tucker, Lexie and Pepper

Sadly we lost Tucker a couple years ago but he lives on in our hearts and logo.  The girls (Lexi and Pepper) miss him but do their best to help us through it.  They’re a little crazy but full of love.

Meet "The Gang"

We have a mixed flock of birds providing us a colourful egg basket.  Our focus is on cold hardy and friendly birds and they freely wander our pastures.  Someday I’ll figure out how to keep them out of the gardens.

The Cows

We have 3 generations of cows on the farm.  Daisy is our pure Jersey girl, Fleur is her ½ Normandie daughter and Holly is her ½ Angus granddaughter and the first large animal born on the farm.

Kunekune pigs

These are our latest expansion.  We are raising 3 from our first two litters along with the few adults we kept from our initial sounder of swine.  They are very friendly and love treats from everyone who visits.