Planting Season

Planting Season

Procrastination paid off and we missed the late frost that got so many gardens recently but we are now in all systems go, get the plant in the ground mode. 

Last layer arrived this morning for the long term greenhouse, short term sunken garden project. Once all the vegetables are in the ground that will become the next priority and we can start sunflowers in the relatively protected from our crazy winds garden  

Tomatos we did put in a few “early” and had some losses but we filled on the gaps with the reminder from the greenhouse and they are looking good now. 

Squash and beans are all in, peppers started today with the mild heat on today’s hit list. Habanero, jalapeño, banana, Tabasco and green peppers are all planted.  I know, one of these is not like the others but that’s how the timing worked out today. Tomorrow is red, yellow, orange and purple sweet peppers if we get a break in the promised rain to plant and the hot and super hots will be the last to go in.  We are actually hoping for enough rain to stop the planting tomorrow, a little bit for my back and a lot for all the trees we planted this spring. 

For now we get to enjoy the sunset as we tuck the birds in for the night and prep for tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy the glimpses of the farm.