Farmdate 2021-05-28

Farmdate 2021-05-28

It’s been a while since I updated you all but it’s been a busy time.  Planting and installing arbours and water sources and distribution to give the plants their best start, working away on the technology of the online store, taking pictures and fixing all thing things I’m breaking and finally hand caring for our one duckling who sadly we were unable to save.  Not sure what the final issue was but she was struggling with several issues that we hoped hand feeding and tons of attention would help us get her through but we lost her a few days ago.  

The lake has been the site of much intrigue.  Normally we get 2-5 geese visiting at a time but this year we’ve had multiple days of the Goose Convention.  50+ geese at a time on our relatively small lake is a very loud and interesting event and we’ve had it at least 3 times now.  Also seen, breakout groups from the Convention when we have “only” 20-30 geese.  Very suspicious!

Mother nature keeps messing with us, first almost 2 weeks of way above normal temperatures, teasing me into trying some plants in the ground early and then this week 4 nights brushing the edges of frost warning territory.  I’m holding off on putting peppers into the ground until Monday,  doing my best to give them their best shot at success.  We’ve got a lot of hot sauce to make this year and those peppers need to produce!

Greenhouse is slowly emptying out of other plants though as we get tomatoes and herbs and brassicas and and and, into the ground.  I’m also up to date on seed planting although more will come throughout the year.  

Our walipini style, earth sheltered greenhouse project (otherwise known as the former swimming pool) is proceeding.  This year it will simply be a sunken garden, building over it is a future project but I’m really looking forward to a garden space that the winds sweeping over the fields doesn’t try and level.  We have finished the base layer of fill and next step is to order top soil and then I’ll be planting sunflowers and carrots there this year.  Seriously, almost a metre of sand under the top soil, carrots are gonna LOVE it!  

And finally this Farmdate is the last step in our prep to bring the website live.  Inventory is up to date, and we will be adding more products as we go but the seedlings and rhubarb are all ready for customers!  Road signs have experienced some minor lockdown related delays while we get all the pieces necessary to get them set up, but all the products and tech are good to go and so we shall.

*pushes the button*