Honey it’s going to be a good summer!

Honey it’s going to be a good summer!

Well our one colony of bees turned into two at pickup time. Due to the extreme heat yesterday pickup was a little later than expected as we waited for the bees to come home. We only got one on its stand because the other (which was deeper in the trailer) were bearding (hanging out on the sides of the hive for heat relief) so movement was challenging. They were doing orientation flights this morning however so I think they’re going to be okay. 


In garden news we saw a little growth explosion in the peppers and tomatoes so hopes of a late but reasonable harvest are alive and well. Also first sign of colour in the raspberries! Jam here we come. 


Havana is about the same but Minnie seems to have quit climbing the walls to get away from me – so progress!  


Banner and I had a ride outside the paddock. Heidi was terribly unimpressed so its consistent that the horse left behind is the unhappy one. 


Next project on the list now that the crazy heat has broken is cleaning chicken coops. I’m going to pick a set of clothes I can burn when I’m done because they look like they weren’t cleaned for a year. Aiming for chickens in early August.


Til next time, love from the farm.