Farmdate 2021-05-11

Farmdate 2021-05-11

It was a cold cold day today. I mean it got up to 8 degrees but it’s May and I’m done with single digit days!  

Garden prep is officially at ready for plants stage and the long term weather forecast is tempting me to plant more but I’m doing my best to hold myself to the frost tolerant crops.  Tomorrow we are off to get another load of wood chips to help keep our weed situation under control this year.

I cleared out the outdoor nest and gained more than a dozen eggs. I still have one hen who is wanting to stay out at night so I spent a little while tonight chatting with her about why this was so important to her. Turns out the chicks are noisy and she just wanted some quiet time but I convinced her that safety won over silence and she followed me home.

Now I’m watching a development update on my new garden planning software and then calling it a night early.

Looking forward to warmer days tomorrow!