Farm update is very overdue – Part 1, the weather.

Farm update is very overdue – Part 1, the weather.

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update but it’s been a heck of a spring. The weather has gifted us some very dramatic skies but also, as pressure changes trigger migraines for me, a few challenges.  I’ve been in “Keep things alive” mode for the last three weeks as the constant thunderstorms and occasional tornado have reduced my effective work hours significantly and thus any tasks not directly associated with keeping things alive have fallen off the priority list.

There have been ominous skies

And beautiful, hopeful skies

And even some misty, foggy skies

And a little bit of flooding in the fields

During one particularly bad wind storm July 4th we thought we’d lost several crops.

The corn was the worst, potatoes were a close second. We were already 10 days into daily downpours so the soil was saturated and the winds were so strong they laid out many of the plants.  Luckily the daily rain had also caused excessive weed growth and that protected many of the plants from the effects of the wind.

Finally on Thursday the system that had a tornado hit Barrie, spawned 2 tornados just to the south of us in Lorneville and Little Britain.  We had no damage and only a couple hours of worry but those communities had significant damage and were very close to it being much much worse.  

Every day the weather forecast gives me hope that it will only be one or two more days of rain and the sun will finally arrive and every day they stretch it out just one more day.  We’ve had a few glimpses of sunshine, and are looking forward to the days when we can complain about needing to water every day!


Coming up – Part 2, going to the birds and Part 3, how does your garden grow.